Sonja Davis


June 1, 1962 - November 14, 1994

Sonja was an aerobics instructor and nutritionist in the late 1980s prior to being introduced to the stunt business by stunt coordinator, Greg Elam. Sonja began training regularly with Greg and his young sons Ousan, Kofi, and Kiante at his stunt training facility in South Central Los Angeles. As an avid sportswoman, she quickly fell in love with the fast-paced action of stunt work.

As one of only a handful of African American stuntwomen, Sonja worked consistently. She performed high falls, fights, motorcycle and auto stunts, and enjoyed the camaraderie that accompanied the specialized profession. Sonja quickly moved up through the ranks to distinguish herself by serving as stunt double for many top stars including Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg and Angela Bassett -- the actress for whom she was working as a stunt double at the time of her death.

Tragically, Sonja died from multiple injuries sustained during 42-foot backward highfall into an air bag off a Los Angeles building for the movie "Vampire in Brooklyn." Bassett, who worked with Davis on three movies, including “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” released a statement through her publicist.

“She was a dedicated artist,” Bassett’s statement said. “Her work was extremely important to her but first and foremost she was a woman of God, and I love and miss her dearly.”

Sonja Davis was a valued member of the United Stuntwomen’s Association, and we continue to mourn her loss.