Honorary Members


Tanya Russell (aka Cha Cha Sandoval-McMahon), founder of the United Stuntwomen’s Association.
Her insight and sense of community helped form a strong bond for all Charter Members of USA. That same insight and determination has inspired future generations of stuntwomen to skillfully pursue their goals within the stunt community and the film industry.


Quentin Tarantino, a longtime supporter of USA Stunts and all stunt performers.
As a well known director and producer, he has created timeless action sequences involving many of our members. An advocate for safety, he has proven himself a staunch supporter of all stunt performers.


Katharine Ross, widely idealized as the symbol of beauty for her generation, has shown a vast reservoir of talent throughout her career. Starring in two of cinema’s most popular films, “The Graduate,” and “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid,” she quickly became renowned as an accomplished actor.
As athletic and talented as Katharine is, she always insisted on having a stunt double for her action scenes. USA Stunts is proud to include this humble icon as an Honorary Member!


Jadie David, Charter Member of the United Stuntwomen’s Association.
Her ideas concerning the importance of equality, hard work, and set etiquette helped shape the USA Bylaws. Jadie helped pave the way for Ann-Marie Johnson and Gretchen Koerner to have the Screen Actors Guild add rules about the importance of hiring stuntwomen to double actresses.


As first national vice president of the Screen Actors Guild in 2008, Ann-Marie Johnson was a staunch advocate for stunt performer’s equality, and never hesitated to speak up for stuntmen and stuntwomen at SAG. Ann-Marie was instrumental in the rewording of SAG rules regarding the importance of stuntwomen doubling actresses.


Gretchen Koerner served as both the SAG National Legislative Committee Chair and the SAG Stunt and Safety Chair, insuring that SAG recognized the importance of all stunt performers. Together, Gretchen and Ann-Marie were both advocates for stunt performer’s equality and onset safety.


Rita Egleston, a Charter Member of the United Stuntwomen's Association and top tier stunt performer, helped write the USA Bylaws and was the first USA Treasurer, a position she held for many years prior to retirement.


As a member of Brand X Stunts, Jeff Dashnaw is a constant supporter of USA Stunts and stuntwomen’s rights. Jeff is the stunt coordinator on many of Quentin Tarantino's action films and advocated for the placement of the USA Stunts logo on Zoe Bell’s jacket in Tarantino’s movie, Deathproof. His wife, Tracy Dashnaw, is a high quality stuntwoman and valued member of USA Stunts.


Amanda Holden, a British actress, singer, and host.
One episode of her 2013 documentary series, “Amanda's Fantasy Lives,” highlighted members of USA Stunts. Working alongside the members, Amanda demonstrated her amazing athleticism. She proved she could do it all: martial arts, fire gags, crashing cars, high falls, trampoline, and horse work.
Amanda impressively showcased her talents while graciously exploring the true nature of the stunt business. (View the episode of "Amanda’s Fantasy Lives" on the VIDEOS page)


Lane Leavitt has been an avid supporter and teacher of stuntwomen for years. Lane will always lend a hand to the ladies of USA, and thoroughly enjoys teaching and training the girls at his Stunt Lab. Lane has always respected stuntwomen, and would have no problem standing up for any stunt girl.


Marguerite Happy is humbled to be an Honorary Member of the elite United Stuntwoman's Association. She was one of the original Charter Members of this group and looks up to each individual of this talented team. She began working as a background extra in 1977 and would like to thank her family for supporting her in transitioning into stunt work. Each and every job throughout the decades has been nothing less than exhilarating.


Bob Yerkes has supported USA and our members since we first started. In fact for over 50 years Bob has been teaching, training, supporting, and often times housing stuntmen and women at his home and training facility. Bob is a big hearted, talented person who only wants to see all of the stuntmen and women he meets reach their full potential as stunt performers, and to do it with a smile on their faces.