Noby Arden


December 1, 1965 – September 28, 2020

Noby-Arden Kreisch was a fourth generation member of the famous Wallenda Circus Family, a Stuntwoman, Stunt Actress, and Stunt Coordinator. At the age of five, Noby began performing as a trapeze aerialist and acrobat. As a stuntwoman she specialized in high wire and acrobatics, and performed wire work stunts for many stars including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alicia Silverstone, Rose McGowan, Jane Seymour and Helen Mirren.

Noby received several awards including a Bronze Clown Award at the Festival du Cirque in Monte Carlo and a MTV Movie Award for best fight scene as a stunt double for Alicia Silverstone in “Batman & Robin” (1997). She performed in numerous television commercials, as well as stunt coordinating music videos for Madonna and Tom Petty, and live shows for Cher’s 2000 music tour and Ricky Martin’s 1999 music tour.

Noby Arden was a highly respected member of the United Stuntwomen’s Association. Her talent and kindness are irreplaceable.


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